Complete Automation in a Single Box iChannel2 provides full set of automation applications including baseband signal encoding, scheduling, and playout control. Compact Multi-Channel and Multi-format Encoding/Decoding Thanks to Dayang’s advanced software codec technology, iChannel2 is able to perform the ingest and playout in multiple HD/SD formats. · 1RU compact design, fit into any 19” rack · Up to 3 simultaneous playout /recording Channels · System:720×576i @ 25/29.97;  1920×1080i @ 25/29.97 · Codec:DV25, DV50, DVSD, DVHD. MPEG-2, MPEG-4, HDV, DNxHD, AVC-Intra. · Wrapped:AVI, MXF, GXF, WMV, MOV, MPG Flexible Scheduling and Playout Control · Flexible scheduling control mode, automatic split clip for program insert, without entering in/out point manually · Able to bind clips into a group and generate a virtual clip, which can be processed like an individual normal clip · Provide PGM Browse/Second Preview Window, and accurately and fully formed time display · Able to automatically generate daily/weekly/monthly schedule · Resume playout automatically after power accident External Signal Processing iChannel2 is able to get signal input from external sources, and perform below processing · Overlaying CG, Subtitle, scroll, and logos onto the external signal, save customer’s cost for purchasing DSK, CG, LogoGen… · Recording external signal simultaneously when putting live feeds on-air, save cost for additional encoder Advanced Built-in features Besides the general automation functions, iChannel2 also provides abundant built-in features helping the customer to establish the on-air network with minimum cost. Internal Graphic Engine iChannel2 provides a built-in graphic engine and keyer to put graphic like subtitle, clock, logo, and animations on the output. Built-in Video Router iChannel2 provides a built-in 4x4 digital video router for signal switching including signal from VTR, Satellite, and other incoming signal,save you cost to purchase expensive external router. Built-in Loudness Control Audio quality control is crucial to on-air program quality. Through the built-in loudness control module built in iChannel2, audio gain of individual programs can be normalized to a certain level for the audience to get best listening experience. Auto Clip Integrity Verification and Quality Control To eliminate the error caused by damaged clip during transfer/copying, iChannel2 provides auto clip integrity verification to ensure playout safety. After clips being uploaded, iChannel2 will use a virtual decoder instance to simulate video decoding, any clips caused virtual decod